Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recent Isolated photos


Recent photos from recent Austin things.
A ceremonial dancer at Dragon Boat festivities in Austin shot with the Olympus E-P2 with the recent addition of the 75 to 300mm lens which translates to 150 to 600mm in traditional 35mm film terms. It fit in my pocket which constantly amazes me.

Movie coming attraction is still coming -- still being worked on and refined. I made an impromptu portrait of the group, Mother Falcon, backstage inside the Long Auditorium in Austin after a rehearsal and sound check for the concert scheduled for the next day.

Another picture is of attendees at a retired power station in Austin that regularly hosts music and art events. Another photo at the same place is of someone looking out of a window during a break in a concert with Mother Falcon.

There is a fool-around-outtake photo of Dawn Jones-Garcia in Sendero Photo loft place (the inside secret name of the studio is "Donald's Place" to be announced in the future) after making our official portrait of the three of us. It got interesting because I had left the Olympus cable release at home. Had to use the camera timer which worked fine.

I am fighting a cold from a recent drop in temperature here in Austin. Cooler weather came with the Olympus/Mullen team (Visionary David Wells and Louise Owen) visit. I just assumed that along with doing a splendid job running things here for the event, they would take the cooler weather with them but I was wrong and so I guess that I will just blame

for my cold. The good news is that I will be able to go to Toronto, Canada Sunday as planned -- to participate in a Magnum Workshop and deliver a lecture at Ryerson University for one week. The UT university semester is raging toward the end. Had a great crop of students in my main photography classes.

Well now, to bed to get some sleep in reward of surviving my last class day and preparation for stealing away from my the grip of my temporary bronchitis.

Getting Out

Shot, Directed in the early 90's as a Magnum Eye Project
Gangs in Detroit - Certain things don't change.

Getting Out from Eli Reed on Vimeo.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sendero Studio

More information regarding our working space, Sendero Studio --

Sendero Studio, located on the east-side of Austin, provides workspace for creative professionals, studio rental, workshops and photography events.

Hunters and ranchers in south Texas cut senderos through the brush to provide a clear line of sight to their target. The mission of Sendero Studio captures this spirit. Sendero is committed to creating a photographic community and ongoing learning environment, dedicated to helping photographers re-visualize and focus on their work. Through collaborative feedback and photography-related events, Sendero aims to foster thoughtful conversations about photography.

We would love to have you join us. Contact us and "like" us to find out more information about our workspace, events and studio rental rates.
2401 E. 6th Street #2022, Austin, TX 78702 · Get Directions

Monday, April 11, 2011

A poem of two hours sleep

Day is Done

Driving into the sun
Is a plus one situation.
You can not do it alone
So I listened to THE DOORS.
Batman was there in a quiet rage
Looking for the dead-skin-on-air once again.
Anyone would understand
What was being said between the lines.
And so I went into the jungle
To drown within my own juices --
And discover that within my own ending
I was perfectly dry enough --
To enjoy the music.
I had to believe in the early Spring
In spite of a late winter --
I found my sleep.
It was chilly
I was hot --
And that was fine in the morning.

Written by Eli Reed (during a relentless search for sleep)

Old History is still History

I have in this post images made from my coverage of the 2004 Republican National Convention held in New York City. It includes street action of people not happy with the Bush administration at that time. The music in this multi media is from Johnny Cash's rendition of a song first performed by the group, "Nine Inch Nails. The photos were made with my Olympus DSLR cameras using the 14 to 54mm F2.8/3.5 (In 35mm film terms -- 28 to 108mm) and the 50 to 200mm F2.8/3.5 (In 35mm film terms -- 100 to 400mm) lenses. I also used the 150mm F2 and 300mm F2.8 lenses (In 35mm film terms -- 300mm and 600mm).

This was the second version of this multi media piece. I was asked to give a talk at Samy's Camera in Los Angeles ( I think it was 2008) and I realized that he needed to address certain things so edited it to what you see here.

No day at the beach or park.

Spent Sunday working on three projects. One of them was particularly interesting as I repeatedly watched my aerial device repeatedly crash in pursuit of finishing a movie scene finale. After flailing about all night -- I think I have found a solution that will work. We will see by the end of the week if it is possible. Meanwhile here is part of another project in production.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sendero Studio

A note to the interested. We are into the second month of the opening of Sendero Studios in east Austin, Texas with my two intrepid partners -- Dawn Jones-Garcia and Katie Hayes. More about this will be revealed very soon but I will say for now that we have made working and shooting space available for interested parties in need.