Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recent Isolated photos


Recent photos from recent Austin things.
A ceremonial dancer at Dragon Boat festivities in Austin shot with the Olympus E-P2 with the recent addition of the 75 to 300mm lens which translates to 150 to 600mm in traditional 35mm film terms. It fit in my pocket which constantly amazes me.

Movie coming attraction is still coming -- still being worked on and refined. I made an impromptu portrait of the group, Mother Falcon, backstage inside the Long Auditorium in Austin after a rehearsal and sound check for the concert scheduled for the next day.

Another picture is of attendees at a retired power station in Austin that regularly hosts music and art events. Another photo at the same place is of someone looking out of a window during a break in a concert with Mother Falcon.

There is a fool-around-outtake photo of Dawn Jones-Garcia in Sendero Photo loft place (the inside secret name of the studio is "Donald's Place" to be announced in the future) after making our official portrait of the three of us. It got interesting because I had left the Olympus cable release at home. Had to use the camera timer which worked fine.

I am fighting a cold from a recent drop in temperature here in Austin. Cooler weather came with the Olympus/Mullen team (Visionary David Wells and Louise Owen) visit. I just assumed that along with doing a splendid job running things here for the event, they would take the cooler weather with them but I was wrong and so I guess that I will just blame

for my cold. The good news is that I will be able to go to Toronto, Canada Sunday as planned -- to participate in a Magnum Workshop and deliver a lecture at Ryerson University for one week. The UT university semester is raging toward the end. Had a great crop of students in my main photography classes.

Well now, to bed to get some sleep in reward of surviving my last class day and preparation for stealing away from my the grip of my temporary bronchitis.

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  1. Will you be teaching again at ICP in the (near) future?