Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's about time!

"New Zealand is waiting"

And so am I! Resistance is bad.

I am sleepy, tired, and yet -- not able to sleep. Everyone else on this flight from Los Angeles is sleeping. Have to experience it before IT isn't an option anymore which means that I might soon join my Afro-American ancestors.

It finally came -- and left quickly not forgetting to leave me with a dank headache. Dank and ugly from the dark side. That was in it's own way a teaser. The flight was running late. I hate that part of flying. The unknown part of 'next flight' maybe or the rush rush sweat of running to see a door closed in the face. I was lucky. They found me at the re-entry security site and the nice man passed the word along that I was coming along quite nicely. I made it and the flight attendants welcomed me with smiles and bottled water as I melted into my seat after stowing the luggage.

There was a long darkness. I finally was able to drop off for a few minutes on this last leg of the trip. I awoke and was happy. I looked out of the window to see God's countryside hangout. It was believable beauty that transcended my expectations. Once again it is said, woe to those attempting to describe the indescribable to the great unwashed. I am human and I needed this trip. NZ did not fail me.

Words sometimes do fail in a grandiose way -- but thanks anyway Andrea Bocelli.

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  1. Brilliant slideshow, I wish I could see it in higher res!